22nd April 2021

Carbon Neutral Now 

Net Zero by 2022

With the climate crisis promising irreversible change if we refuse to act fast, we take responsibility for our actions and pledge to take our Carbon Neutral studio to Net Zero by 2022. We recognise we are part of an industry that significantly contributes to climate change, this is why we are doing more than just being a Certified B Corp and Carbon Neutral studio. We are joining our industry in building a Net Zero carbon future. 

To become Carbon Neutral we have reduced all of our scope 1 and 2 (direct and energy consumption) emissions and offset those we cannot reduce with ALBERT’s creative offset scheme. This means our partners and clients are able to lower their footprint by incorporating our carbon neutral studio in their supply chain. 

For a positive transition to a low carbon economy we have aligned our Net Zero targets with the Paris Agreement’s goal to limit global warming to 1.5℃. But, better than this, we have been able to reduce our carbon emissions since 2019 meaning we can now focus our efforts on our scope 3 (indirect) emissions and pledge to reach Net Zero by 2022. We know this is ambitious, but as an independent company of less than 50 staff, we can focus our efforts on lowering our emissions from our staff at home and improving our business beyond the great reset. 

Understanding our footprint, we can see from 2019 most of our emissions were from business travel and electricity. We have COVID-19 to thank for solving air travel issues but it’s how we look forward as a company to manage this in the long term. As a company run on technology we cannot change the amount of electricity we use, this is why now we only use 100% renewable energy with a supplier that invests in green energy for the future.

For those unfortunate emissions we cannot reduce we will be investing in carbon offset projects which are crucial to protecting and regenerating our eco systems and advancing carbon capture technologies. However, to show the importance of reducing instead of offsetting to achieve goals in time for 2030, we will be sharing our strategies and initiatives with our industry partners. 

It doesn’t stop there, we are supporting Ad Net Zero in its aims to reach Net Zero as an industry by 2030. We want to be proud of the industry we are part of and create campaigns which have a positive impact, campaigns that raise awareness of the climate crisis, climate justice and inspire people, businesses and governments to act. This is why we want to be part of something bigger, we will be sharing our story and helping others achieve the same. We know this journey is going to be shaped by those around us, this is why we want to create new partnerships with companies who share our values of acting to save the planet that we love. 

We pledge to be Net Zero from 2022 and every year thereafter. We will always consider the environment when making decisions on our value chain and suppliers. We support our industry to bring extreme change to our society. We encourage every stakeholder to act in harmony with the demands of the planet so we can change our future for the better. 

Join us on the Race to Zero now.

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