8th June 2021

“Without a healthy ocean, there would be no life as we know it” @COP26- UN Climate Change Conference

I am thankful we have World Ocean Day to wake us up to the problems facing our Ocean. After all, we only have one. An ocean that we rely on, that could help us reach Global climate action goals: scientists say ocean based solutions can provide 20% of the emission reductions we need. That is only if we restore and protect them. Right now it is said we only protect 7% of our ocean, this isn’t good enough. 

The UN’s Race to Zero Campaign outlines why the ocean is so important “The ocean is the great regulator of climate, through the water cycle, oceanic circulation and the ocean’s biological pump. It absorbs around 23% of annual emissions of anthropogenic CO2 into the atmosphere. It has also absorbed more than 90% of the excess heat caused by anthropogenic greenhouse gases (GHG), with the top few metres of the ocean storing as much heat as the planet’s entire atmosphere.”

If we can raise awareness this World Ocean Day and build the same incredible momentum around protecting our oceans as we are doing with protecting and restoring our forests then we are heading in the right direction!

One thing is clear, our ocean desperately needs our help to fund more projects to research, clean, conserve, and restore it. In 2013 @nationalgeographic wrote an article comparing NASA’s 3.8billion space exploration budget to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) exploration and research budget of 23.7million budget. The author Michael Conathan brings to light the lack of funding and research to discover our oceans species and the seabed beneath International waters, he writes “There is a real opportunity for our nation to lead in this area, but we must invest and join the rest of the world in creating the governance structure for these activities.” It is clear even now in 2021 there is so much more to be done to learn about and save our oceans. Now we look towards COP26 in the hope that agreements will be met and commitments and resources are made. 

On May 21st this year an agreement in Washington DC was made by G7 leaders. The ‘Communique’ is the commitment to “conserving or protecting at least 30% of global land and at least 30% of the global ocean by 2030  to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030 and address climate change.” Kirsten Weymouth for the National Geographic Society. This is in support of the 30×30 project that is being highlighted this World Ocean Day.

So what can we do as businesses and individuals? At @coffee&TV we are sharing all things Ocean Day with our staff; we are asking them to sign the 30×30 petition and educating them on the dangers that our oceans face due to the climate crisis, plastic pollution, overfishing, endangered species and threatened ecosystems. We are also asking them to make pledges through @DoNation to lower their individual impact on our natural world. Today, we celebrate the natural ecosystem that is our ocean and the incredible resources it provides.

Please join us in singing the 30×30 petition and celebrating our incredible ocean!

Written by Holly Arnold

Sustainability Manager at Coffee & TV

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