3rd August 2021

We have teamed up with Camara Education to get rid of our old tech in the right way. As a proud B Corp we’re committed to lowering our impact on people and the planet, this partnership enables us to do exactly that.

“We would love our clients and their staff to join us in this initiative to donate tech and help change the lives of some of the most disadvantaged children in Africa.”
Derek Moore, CEO 

Environmental impact

There are a huge amount of emissions associated with the manufacture and disposal of technology, donating to Camara Education cuts down emissions by:

  • Creating a circular economy technology (giving it a new life after we no longer need it to avoid it ending up in landfill and releasing harmful chemicals and gases)

Social impact

Camara Education has given 3.7 million children access to computers since 2005, delivering a transformative digital education by:

  • Sending the technology to Africa where technicians, trained by computer education on the ground, install the equipment in schools. 
  • Training African school teachers to use and teach IT to children. 
  • Supplying trained technicians across five locations across Africa to offer technical support to the schools. 

What to donate 

Camara Education accepts every type of technology:

  • Computers, laptops, phones, ipads and desktops
  • Cables, wires, and routers 
  • Storage including harddrive and memory cards
  • All accessories e.g mouse, keyboards, headphones

The items are securely collected by ITAD and sorted into parts to recycle, sell, or donate – all the money made is put into buying the correct spec tech for African schools. 

What happens to all the data?

  • Camara Education uses global ITAD partners to collect your tech, wipe the data, and correctly recycle or reuse. 
  • They are of the highest international standards to make sure the service is secure and safe with your sensitive data in mind. 

How to donate

Holly, Coffee & TV’s Sustainability Manager, will be handling all of the donations from staff and clients. We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to donate, so Holly will be filling out equipment forms and organising collections. Where possible the collection will join up with multiple locations to cut down on travel emissions. Email a list of your tech to donate to

The bigger picture

Like many other organisations, we are aligning ourselves with the SDG’s (UN’s Sustainable Development Goals) and working towards Net Zero to make us a better business. Donating to Camara Education helps companies work towards more than half of the SDG’s:
4 Quality Education
5 Gender Equality
9 Creating Infrastructure
10 Reduced Inequalities
12 Responsible Consumption and Production.
They are also helping to work towards 1 & 2 Eliminating poverty and hunger, 3 Promoting health and well-being, 8 Decent work and economic growth.

We encourage everyone to join us so please ask if we can help!

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