20th March 2019

Coffee & TV were commissioned by ITV Creative to bring speech straight to the horse’s mouth for the broadcasters 2019 Grand National campaign.

Phil Hurrell, Co-Founder and Creative Director said: “Director, Stephen Pipe’s vision was to have the horses chatting to each other in a casual manner, similar to people relaxing over a drink at a social gathering. When people or animals are relaxed, they become highly animated, so we were keen not to dictate any restrictions on camera or animal movement at all ahead of the CGI and animation process. Subsequently, the camera style is almost documentary-like; hand held for the entire sequence. The horses movements were encouraged to be expressive as possible to ensure the final film would be engaging and fun.”

The campaign was shot on 4k with a 90 degree shutter to ensure motion blur was minimised and to provide accurate camera and head-tracking. The grade was completed in Coffee & TV’s Resolve suites, while the animation work was achieved using a combination of software, including Zbrush, Maya, Arnold, and X-Gen. All the compositing work was done in Flame.

The campaign will run on TV and online platforms from Friday 15th March

Watch the campaign here

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