Coffee & TV is looking for a Houdini Generalist with strong problem solving skills and a passion for creating unforgettable work.

This is a full time, hybrid role based in London.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create complex visual effects using Houdini for a variety of types of projects.
  • Design procedural systems and tools that can be reused and adapted for different VFX challenges.
  • Create and manage simulations involving pyro, fluids, particles, rigid bodies or cloth.
  • Produce reviewable composites of renderable elements.

Required Skills

  • A good eye for motion and visuals.
  • Excellent problem solving skills.
  • Strong communication, with the ability to articulate complex CG concepts to team members.
  • Positive attitude towards learning and tackling new and unconventional tasks.

Desirable Experience

  • Proficiency in Python and VEX scripting.
  • Experience with compositing in Nuke.
  • Familiarity with various renderers, including Karma, Arnold, and Redshift, with the ability to take shots to final render.
  • Knowledge of modern paradigms such as USD and TOPs.

You will also ensure that the output quality goes above and beyond expectations, all the while maintaining our core values – LOVE, TRUST, COLLABORATION, BELIEF AND EXCEPTIONALITY.