5 September, 2022

Our Group Commercial Director Sarah Walsh will be chairing Bloom UK’s ‘Parenting Today’ event for expectant or current parents in the industry on Thursday 8th September (9.30am-11am)

A stellar line up of panellists including, Karina Wilsher, Global CEO at Anomaly, Stuart Smith Partner & CSO at Anomaly and Oli Richards, CMO at The Beyond Collective, will truthfully discuss the day-to-day and ins and outs of being a working parent in our industry.

The free event at Anomaly HQ, will also provide a chance to network and the opportunity to drive positive change in the industry. Discussion on the panels chaired by Sarah, will reflect on what works, what doesn't and what could help everyone.

This event follows Bloom UK’s publication of The Great Return in 2021, a guide to a successful return from maternity leave. The research-based guide also champions the voices of real mothers on their return to work, offering support and advice for employees and employers for a smooth return.