Steve Waugh:

“From our initial discussions we knew George’s imagery should be the focus of the titles and graphics for this documentary. His sunglasses are so iconic and indicative of his character. Mirrored shades allow the individual to look out, but the world can’t see in; summing up how he tried to live his life out of public glare. We developed the glasses into a graphical brand device, so the design has been able to transcend numerous platforms, from the film titles, right through to marketing material for the upcoming single. ”
“It was a real privilege for Coffee & TV to be asked to design the opening titles and graphics for such a pivotal documentary of our time. Following on from our previous work, it’s been an amazing opportunity for us to continue on this journey with George Michael’s team, supporting the documentary and bringing it to air on Channel 4 in the UK and to the rest of the world”.
Chris Chard Co-Founder and Producer, Coffee & TV
  • Client
    G K Panayiotou
  • Documentary Director
    David Austin
  • Producer
    Lisa Johnson
  • Director
  • Editor
    Jerry Chater
  • Visual Effects
    Coffee & TV
  • Colour
    Coffee & TV