Each story in ‘INCOMPARAVEL’, a three part short film series, describes the incredible challenges that fans overcome to show support for their teams, giving an authentic insight into Brazilian football culture and reflecting Betfair Brazil’s brand strategy of #EveryResultIsPossible.
Through a mix of archive, self-shot photography, remote interviews, illustration, cinematic footage and sound design, we hear three stories from a first person perspective: Gustavo Ziller, a superfan of Atlético Mineiro (“Galo”), who reached the top of Mount Everest, unfurling a Galo flag at the summit; Alex Sandro, a São Paulo FC fan who lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and went on to represent his boyhood team; and Gui Meleiro, who endured a 5-day bus journey from Rio de Janeiro to Peru negotiating a safe passage through Chilean protests, all to watch to watch Flamengo win the 2019 CONMEBOL Libertadores Final in memory of his grandmother.
  • C&TV Executive Producer
    Dan Keefe
  • Goal Click Producer
    Matthew Barrett
  • Directors & Editors
    Del and Marco Espirito Santo
  • DOP
    Larissa Zaidan
  • Production in Brazil
  • C&TV Producer
    Joss Brindle
  • Colourist
  • Motion Design Artist
    Daisy Loader
  • Visual Effects
    Studio Curva