Design Agency
Brand Energies
Creative Director
Sandy MacMillan
Director and Designer
John Kennedy
CG and Compositing
Coffee & TV

China-based design agency, Brand Energies commissioned Coffee & TV to craft and deliver the new channel brand identities for CCTV 9, part of China’s state broadcaster network.

The Coffee & TV team were challenged to bring to life iconic Chinese cultural and natural world symbols for a series of idents. Complex sculpting, rigging and animation was required for each sequence, which feature a central simple element that bursts into a chaos of cubes; the particles then reform to create a new intricately detailed figure, before cleverly forming a staged scene to accompany the channel logo.

The ident symbols of an owl, astronaut, lion, terracotta warrior and skyscraper, which represent Chinese culture and society, were intricately sculpted in Zbrush. Custom particle flow techniques allowed Coffee & TV’s design and animation teams to overcome the biggest challenge of bringing the flying cubes together and join with tiling lines to heal and form a perfect textured surface.

Coffee & TV collaborated with Brand Energies two years ago to produce the on-screen identity package for CCTV 4. The creative and execution went on to win four Promax golds awards in 2016.






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