Coffee & TV designed a bespoke series style and accompanying 3D and 2D graphics, to bring the Celtic world to life. This thrilling three-part series for BBC Two, followed anthropologist professor, Alice Roberts and archaeologist, Neil Oliver in search of one of the world’s most mysterious ancient civilisations, the Celts. 

“A bit CSI, a bit Game of Thrones, this show doesn’t want to seem like a history lesson… Whether that’s by peering at archeological finds in France, or summoning dramatic reconstructions of events in 387BC, they make an engaging job of it.” The Guardian, Best TV

The show needed an analytical and detail rich style that tied in with the editorial feel of the series. Inspired by Lidar technology, Coffee and TV developed a look that allowed the viewers to travel through space, seeing detailed elements of the Celtic world and visualising the true extent of Celtic culture throughout the ancient world. Intricate models were created in Maya and composited in Fusion to give the unique look. In addition an atmospheric title sequence was designed, using layered macro footage composited together that embodied the thematic elements of blood iron and sacrifice.

Series Producer, Jeremy Hall said “Coffee & TV have been amazing to work with. I’ve been extremely impressed with the quality of the work and the interpretation and direction they took.”