We’re an independently run creative studio who’ve made a fantastic discovery. 

It is that every step we take to be a better company makes us better at our work. 

Founded by a small group of artists, we’re now an impassioned team of 80 visual effects, design and colour specialists who collaborate with a global roster of partners across advertising, film and TV projects.

We’re not here for the awards but our work and our artist-led culture have been recognised by BAFTA, RTS, Campaign, British Arrows, D&AD, AICP and more. As the UK’s first B Corp certified creative studio, Coffee & TV continues to attract a global client roster and outstanding industry talent whilst maintaining the highest standards of social and environmental performance.


We think of VFX as our beating heart. Simply put and whatever the crazy challenge, we love bringing your ideas to life. Our VFX artists are creatively and technically diverse, bringing a wealth of skill and passion to Academy Award nominated feature films, unforgettable Superbowl commercials, critically acclaimed TV series and more.


Our team of exceptional motion designers have a wealth of expertise across a broad range of practices and pride themselves on close collaboration and exploration. No house style permits open minds, full individual expression, and a highly adaptable team with the skills and energy to take on anything.


We’re not ones to brag but we’re justifiably proud of the reputation of our colour team, both in the industry and the wider world. Simona Cristea, Lewis Crossfield, George Neave and Tash Hicks pride themselves on immensely collaborative and trusting relationships with directors and creatives across a range of film, TV, music and commercial projects.


Our permanent roster of in-house animation directors are supported by a range of independent live action directorial talent resulting in a broad available range of styles; from design-led to CG animation. We direct title sequences, commercials, music videos and social campaigns, bringing our expertise in animation, design and CG, all honed to perfection by years of experience as hands-on creative practitioners.


Many projects benefit from our early involvement and specific shoot expertise. We have an extensive production network including a range of independent, live action directorial talent that supports our permanent roster of animation directors in ensuring that clients take the most efficient route to their creative destination.