We’re a collective of artists with a shared love of challenges and a diverse skill set to tackle them. Our studio is where creativity is practised, skills are honed and what’s unknown becomes quickly learned. Ideas come over experience, meaning every voice is heard and every individual is appreciated.


We believe in creating a space where creativity and rigorous processes meet to produce world-class and effective work. From traditional campaigns through to modern forms of storytelling, we are dedicated to finding new ways of solving creative problems for our clients. We’re committed to making the process better for all stakeholders and championing responsible and sustainable working practises.


From conception through to direction, production, visual effects, design and colour grading, our shared expertise means we’re primed to pick up a project anywhere in the process and deliver it without compromise. Whatever your brief, we’ll put your project into creative practice.


Visual Effects are at the beating heart of Coffee & TV.  It’s our founding discipline, so we have a real heritage and passion for the craft and technical diversity involved in bringing ideas to life. Our artists excel in a broad range of disciplines and applications, bringing a wealth of skills and shared knowledge to a range of projects including commercials, TV and film.


Our diverse team of exceptional motion graphic designers have expertise across a broad range of practices, with specialisms in multiple areas of design and animation. Great ideas come naturally to our artists who pride themselves on close collaboration and exploration, with an open mind and bags of energy.


We’re proud of how well renowned our colour team is within the industry. Their work shows a keen eye for detail and a true adoration for the process. Our colourists pride themselves on maintaining close personal relationships with directors and creatives, embracing new technology and processes and ensuring unrivalled precision and care over a broad range of projects featuring film, music promos and commercials.


Our combined experience in production companies, agencies and brands gives us a deep understanding of the complexity of shooting and delivering high quality film at speed across multiple platforms. We have an extensive production network including a range of independent director talent that supports our permanent roster of animation directors.