The Coffee & TV team were tasked to deliver VFX for over 250 shots within the film, which will be out on general release in late 2022.

  • Director
    Todd Field
  • Post Production Supervisor
    Emma Zee
  • C&TV Executive Producer
    Chris Chard
    Johnny Fairburn
  • Visual Effects Supervisor
    Jake Nelson
  • C&TV Producer
    Joss Brindle
  • C&TV Assistant Producer
    Sorrel Higgins
  • Visual Effects Artist
    Nick John
    Rory Whittle
    Laura Smith
    Richard Payne
    Adam Fenwick
    Ben Stonehouse
    Rufus Blackwell
    Davide Pascolo
    Peter Nemec
    Derina Doorley
  • CG Modeller
    Kornel Makarowicz
  • CG Artist
    Adam Lindsey
  • Data Coordinator
    Mason Stewart
    Luis de la Rosa