The team created a CG realisation of Man City’s Etihad stadium, which in the present-day sections of the film was populated with fans and looks as you would expect. However, when we jump to the year 2045, the stadium’s been given an exterior and interior make-over, with an additional 25,000 seats and fans added. Plus the pitch itself was re-worked to look dry and malnourished from water drought.
New skies were applied across both present-day and futuristic shots, with the noticeable inclusion of flying drones and architectural additions creating a new skyline for Manchester in 2045. Sections of the film needed to feel like they are clearly in the future but in a subtle, positive and not oppressive way. A lot of attention to detail was given to elements such as the tap and the TV. Along with holographic signage and projection screens.
  • Creative Agency
  • Creative Director
    Paul Pearson
  • Associate Creative Director
    Drew Haselhurst
    Dipesh Mistry
  • Agency Production Director
    Carl Gonsalves
  • Production Company
    Great Guns
  • Director
    Roar Uthaug
  • Producer
    Richard Skepper
  • Executive Producer
    Laura Gregory
    Matthew Alden
  • Cinematographer
    Sy Turnbull
  • Editor
    Julia Knight
  • C&TV Producer
    Johnny Fairburn
  • 2D
    Pete Rypstra
    Rory Whittle
    Laura Smith
    Nick John
    Ben East
  • Matte Painting
    Dave Gibbons
  • 3D
    Tom Carrick
    John-Paul Harney
    Luke Tickner
    Daniel Sidi
    Jonny Grew
    Josh George
    Vladimir Venkov
    Ville Nevalainen
  • Motion Design
    Jess Gorick
  • 2D On Set Supervisor
    Jim Radford
  • Music & Sound Design
    Factory Music