13 February, 2024

Coffee & TV colourist reflects on scoring a hat trick with three Super Bowl ads under his belt

​As we approach the 2024 Super Bowl, and the industry is abuzz with some epic ad campaigns, Coffee & TV colourist, George Neave, reflects on grading not one, not two but a hat trick of commercials that have aired (are airing!) during the iconic sports event.

Each project has given George the opportunity to stretch different creative muscles, the first,Heartbeat Billionaire’ for Stella Artois, starring Lenny Kravitz, was a beautiful mix of live action and animation which needed a seamless grade to blend the two formats together, the second, a spot for FOX’s ‘Next Level Chef’ with Gordon Ramsay had extensive VFX that needed a premium, slick grade that reflected the ad’s high production value, and this year’s Miller Lite ad, starring actor and comedian Rob Riggle, had warm tones as it’s focus with George bringing a cinematic feel to the slo mo footage for extra epicness.

When asked about whether there’s more pressure felt when working on an ad that will be airing during the Super Bowl, the holy grail of media slots, George commented that ‘the pressures are, to be honest, similar to other big ads I’ve worked on, there is however an added ‘high bar’ I put on myself to go above and beyond to really make the work excel. But of course we do that all the time anyway.

So is he an American Football fan or just in it for the ads? Does he watch The Super Bowl? ‘Of course it’s the ads! The adverts and exclusive TV and film trailers are exactly why I watch.’ George also adds that, for him, a great Super Bowl ad has to fall into one of three categories, ‘funny, epic or innovative’, and of course have a superb grade.The sky’s the limit for George and he won’t be stopping at just three Super Bowl ads; ‘My next goal is to do more!! Maybe next year I can do two?!’ Manifestation in action right there.

About the grading process he comments; ’Turning off the grade to reveal the raw footage and seeing the reaction of the person you’re working with is always a high for me! Having so much influence on the final outcome brings me so much joy.’

Now let’s bring on Super Sunday!!