In addition, our team had the pleasure of assisting the notorious Tommy Shelby with some of his more vehement moments. In episode 5 Tommy drops a bomb into the canal, which required a CG explosion just under the surface of the water, which acts as a warning shot causing little destruction.

The series finale sees Tommy demolish his family home, Arrow House, in what’s seen as a poignant moment, but not without style. Tommy walks away from the house as the epic spectacle ensues, in what will possibly be one of the most memorable shots of the series. The shot was extraordinarily captured in one take with practical FX for added realism. We took care of the VFX starting with a trip to Arley Hall to capture footage of the house from various distances and angles. This allowed us to create a totally accurate CG model of the house exterior. Our CG team also modelled interior rooms and floorboards, which added more depth and destruction when we simulated the detonation and explosion.

The final level of destruction was conceptualised and developed early on in the process with Director Anthony, giving the team a clear path to art direct the collapsing house.


  • Production Company
    Caryn Mandabach Productions
  • Director
    Anthony Byrne
  • Assistant to Director
    Imogen Harrison
  • DOP
    Mathieu Plainfossé
  • Producer
    David Mason
  • Editor
    Paul Knight
  • Colourist
    Paul Staples @ Company 3
  • VFX Supervisor
    Neil Scholes & Nick John
  • 2D Lead
    Nick John
  • 2D Supervisor
    Richard Payne
  • 2D
    Laura Smith
    Callum Wellby
    Adam Fenwick
    Ben Stonehouse
    Emir Hasham
    Karen Weiss
    Rachel Coley
    Nick D'Aguiar
    Dan Jacobsen
    Chris Fraser
    Courtney Pryce
    Katie Rhodes
    Leila Wishart
    Pat Wong
    Paul Wratten
    Richard Greenwood
    Toby Aldridge
    Alan Maiden
  • 3D
    Josh George
    Adam Lindsey
    Amy Heyes
    Sebastian Kowalski
  • DMP
    David Gibbons
    Benita Winckler
  • VFX Producer
    Johnny Fairburn
  • Production Assistant
    Sorrel Higgins