Earth Month : Individual Action



22 April, 2022


For centuries passionate individuals have helped to shape history and create change. It is clear that the youth of today are driving climate action by stepping outside of broken systems and imagining a better future. As a business, we believe individuals need our support in helping them understand the climate crises, in order for them to make changes in their personal and professional lives.

To educate our team our full time Sustainability Manager ensures that B Corp and sustainability forms part of our internal dialogue through zooms, presentations, and in our slack channel. Social and environmental news, advice, initiatives, petitions, and competitions are also shared to help keep everyone informed and involved.

Two years on we can see many members of the Coffee & TV team have turned climate concern into climate action. We understand that not everyone is in the position to be able to make consumer and lifestyle changes however as a business we try to support our team in doing so, for example paying the difference if their energy bill goes up.


Through staff surveys we found out that in the last year alone:

  • 49% of staff have switched to 100% renewable electricity
  • 57% of staff have chosen to eat less meat and fish
  • 71% have chosen to buy less plastic
  • 9% of staff have switched to an electric or hybrid vehicle
  • 22% of staff have switched to a more ethical bank or pension
  • 100% of staff choose to walk, cycle or take public transport to work


We ran a competition asking the Coffee & TV team what changes they have made to their consumer choices in the last year, the winner received an Ottolenghi veggie cookbook – a little healthy competition can go a long way!

This is what we found out..

  • Balcony veg patches, gardening, and tree planting are on the rise.
  • Lots of individuals are choosing meat and dairy alternatives or have given up for good to go veggie or vegan.
  • Home composting, refill centres, meal use up days, eco brands, and food donation apps like Olio have helped people reduce food and plastic waste.
  • Preloved, secondhand, and handmade gifts were the way many chose to gift last Christmas.
  • Electric cars have become more common through the help of the company buying scheme.
  • Many are fighting fast fashion by buying second hand, or renting or swapping clothes from apps like vinted, Depop and By Rotation.
  • Some actions are more extreme than others, like having cold showers to save electricity, water, and of course the energy bill.

Brands they love include: